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Introverted Boss

| Air: 2017.01.16 ~ 2017.03.14 | Episode: 16 | Cast: Yeon Woo-Jin |Park Hye-Soo |Yoon Park |Kong Seung-Yeon *forgive me if I spell the name wrong. I don't usually watch Korean drama. This just caught my attention for the using of psychological terms* Eun Hwan Gi inherits the most prestigious public relations company. As the only son, he's expected to be successful. However, Hwan Gi is a super shy introvert. No matter how hard his father pushes him, he just can't take being under the spotlight. He can't maintain proper communication independently and always avoid eye contacts. Fortunately, he has co-CEO, Kang Wo Ill, whom more than happy to be the center of attraction. Kang Wo Ill is handsome, cheerful, and confident. He gains popularity among the employee and clients easily. He delivers Eun Hwan Gi ideas and people labels him as the capable one. In addition, he's engaged to Hwan Gi's sister, making him more proper heir to the business.

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